Journey to the top

Journey to the top

Rage against the dying of the light
by resolutely choosingcolour this autumn/winter. Rich honey tones and mouth-watering berry reds serve to inject warmth, passion and creativity into every day. Revolutionise your wardrobe and become the star of your own show as you unleash the chameleon within.

Harmony is found in the heart of the storm with pleats, paisley and plaids merrily co-existing alongside leopard, zebra and python prints. Gently flowing Bohemian dresses in crepe viscose and belted shirt dresses offer an ultra-feminine look, whatever your shape. Beautiful scarves in natural fibres such as silk and wool are edged with fringes or (fake) fur for a stylish twist.

Inhale the heady scent of autumn and know that whatever happens, you are in complete control. Say Yess to all the good that comes your way and there will be no stopping you on your journey to the top.


The new collection is in stores now, find your nearest retailer here and be sure to let us know where you’ll be wearing your favourite new accessories on Instagram and Facebook.  We love seeing you out and about!

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