Timeless designs and colours set the tone for AW17

If there is only one thing you are going to invest in this season, then it should be the perfect accessory. Give any outfit an update with Yess’ timeless designs. Fine knits in neutral tones and cosy fur trims come with an on-trend pop of colour that will brighten any look.
Cold and dark evenings ask for warm and loving caresses, and that’s what Yess is all about. Soft and cosy wraps and scarves you want to brush against your cheek. Striped, multicoloured or plain fur boa’s. Hats that bring a smile to your face. Bags that make you want to go dancing. Luxurious fabrics and finishes that offer that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Turn heads wherever you go. AW17 is for you to love.
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